Vision Acupuncture

At Australian Centre for Natural Medicine One of the eye conditions that we offer Vision Acupuncture services for is Dry Eye.

Dry eye or Dry Eye Syndrome is a common eye condition suffered by many people. It is estimated that between 15-30% of the population suffer from dry eye. Although not generally associated with vision loss, Dry Eye can be a debilitating condition. We offer treatment for patients anywhere within the spectrum of mild to severe cases of Dry Eye.

The condition of Dry Eye may be caused or influenced by a multitude of internal and or external factors like:

  • dysfunction in the production of adequate tear fluid
  • acute and chronic conditions affecting tear production or the tear film
  • systemic medical conditions
  • medication
  • eye surgery or laser procedures
  • long term use of contact lenses
  • allergies and other sources of inflammation
  • lifestyle or environment factors e.g. air conditioning or heating
  • modern extraneous factors – excessive use of mid-range vision
    • computer use
    • television use

Currently the primary therapy for Dry Eye is eye drops, which offers temporary relief for the symptoms of dry eye. A recent study ( concluded that acupuncture is more effective than eye drops for Dry Eye Syndrome.

In Oriental Medicine the cause of Dry Eye varies according to each person due to their specific underlying disharmony, which may be combined with or exacerbated by external influencing factors. Our Vision Acupuncture practitioners take the time to thoroughly assess your case to determine contributing factors and recommend personalised treatment approaches.

Initial Consultation includes:

• Health assessment
• Ophthalmic and General Health history
• Lifestyle and nutrition assessment

The range of Integrative Eye Health Services considered for our clients include:

Painless Light Laser Therapy 
• Acupuncture including Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine
• Moxibustion
• Micro-acupuncture Systems
• Electro-acupuncture
• Chinese diet therapy
• Naturopathic Medicine; Supplement and Lifestyle advice
• Food/Allergy Testing

In some cases Dry Eye is associated with Itchy Eyes, Red Eye, Eye Fatigue or Strain, these associated symptoms are also addressed with our individualised treatment strategies. Vision Acupuncture services focus on enhancing the body’s ability to regenerate and regulate itself by supporting good quality blood flow and body fluid filtration through the eye, whilst addressing influencing and underlying internal factors according to Oriental Medicine. Because we are using the bodies’ ability to regulate itself we are able to offer this approach as a stand alone therapy or in combination with other therapeutic approaches.

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