Long COVID Post Viral Symptoms

In Classical Medicine the cause of colds and the flu are expressed as wind pathogen or cold pathogen.

It is thought that these pathogens affect the body and generate various symptoms such as a runny nose, fever, chills and coughing.

From the perspective of East Asian Medicine it is important to observe how the patient is affected according to the unique diagnostic protocols we use.

We establish what exactly our patient’s lingering symptoms are, what time of day/night those symptoms are most prevalent, pulse characteristics, meridian palpation, physical appearance, quality of voice, sleep patterns, appetite and dietary habits to gain a deeper understanding of the imbalances causing lingering health issues.

Thus we are able to approach diagnosis and treatment of lingering conditions from a different perspective, this is especially beneficial when the patient is not responding satisfactorily to orthodox medical treatment.

If you are suffering from post viral syndrome, you are welcome to make an appointment to see our veteran Acupuncturist Alan Jansson.

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