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At Acupuncture Gold Coast, we have a wealth of experience in sports performance enhancement. From working with professional athletes to Olympic swimmers and marathon runners, we understand the unique needs of athletes in reaching their peak performance.

Our expertise and knowledge in acupuncture can help you overcome injuries, improve recovery, and optimize your overall performance. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, our team is here to support you on your journey to greatness.

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Our Sports Performance Acupuncture Experience

Alan Jansson

Alan Jansson, Acupuncture Gold Coast I cut my clinical teeth treating Country Rugby League players in the late 80’s being responsible for the treatment of the Gatton Hawks 1st grade team to assist in their recovery from the myriad of injuries commonly inflicted in what was a “hard as rock” competition, my tenure included 3 premiership wins.

In the early 90’s I moved with my family to Hobart, Tasmania where I worked with a team of elite runners including a 100 metre Australian Champion and a cluster of amazing marathon and ultra -marathon runners.

Returning to Queensland in the mid 90’s I was Acupuncture consultant for the Queensland Indoor Cricket team.

I began my tenure with Queensland Sports Medicine Centre at the Woolloongabba Cricket Ground around the turn of the century and became deeply involved with the Brisbane Lion’s AFL team, in particular Alastair Lynch with his battle with chronic fatigue syndrome an association lasting over a decade during which we managed to win 3 premierships (almost 4).

In the early part of the 2000’s I regularly worked with many Australian Olympic swimmers in addition to a collection of Australian cricketing and Rugby League legends.

I also assisted Gold Medal Winner 2008 Olympic Triathlon – 5 Times World Champion Emma Snowsill overcome chronic fatigue syndrome in the latter stages of her career.

From 2010 I was consultant Acupuncturist for the Queensland Ballet, and also worked with a world-famous tennis champion.

In 2022 I retired from my Brisbane Practice leaving my clientele in the more than capable hands of my long-time friend, student and now colleague Owen Formosa.

I continue to work with athletes of all shapes and sizes including competitive life savers – adventure runners – ultra long – distance runners


Owen Formosa

Owen FormosaOwen Formosa is a talented and passionate sports therapist with a deep understanding of muscular skeletal therapy. With a strong background in competitive sports and a love for soccer, Owen brings a unique perspective to his practice.

Currently, he is treating athletes from Gold Coast premier league football clubs, NRL, Youth Iron Women, Surf Club trainers, and many more.

Owen’s impressive academic achievements include a Bachelor of Health Science and Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture from Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, as well as certifications in massage, remedial therapies, and Shiatsu Meridian therapy.

Dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding clinical outcomes, Owen’s expertise can help enhance sports performance, aid in injury recovery, and optimize overall performance. Unlock your full potential and book a session with Owen today!

Enhance Sports Performance. Recover from Injuries. Optimize Overall Performance. Unlock Your Full Potential.

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