Welcome to Her Wisdom

Founders Nicola Phoenix and Naomi Jansson together with a team of experts each grounded in women’s health are honoured to provide services and support for all stages of a woman’s life and the transformations that take place within it.

Her Wisdom draws from a rich well of knowledge to support each women’s journey as she weaves a unique experience of the deep internal knowing she carries within the cycles of:

  • teenage, menstrual and coming of age
  • fertility and preconception
  • pregnancy
  • childbirth preparation
  • postnatal
  • breastfeeding
  • mothering
  • menopause


  • yoga
  • mindfulness, meditation, movement and deep listening
  • birth education
  • traditional medicine pregnancy and postpartum care class
  • girls workshops
  • doula support
  • postpartum nutrition education and meal delivery
  • women’s circles and workshops
  • movement for birth preparation
  • unlocking ancestral knowledge
  • support for midwives and birth workers;
  • retreats; and information days



Her Wisdom

Australian Centre for
Natural Medicine

Naomi Jansson & Nicola Phoenix

2184 Gold Coast Hwy
Miami, Queensland 4220

Phone: 07-5575-5300


Her Wisdom Philosophy:

Her Wisdom is a platform for every woman to engage in fully realising ‘Her’ own wisdom, so that she may be supported through every stage of her life, and consciously engage and transform within the feminine rites of passage and cycles (transitions of pregnancy, birth etc.) and thrive!

We believe in the village, shared resources and knowledge, that women and humanity are more than the sum of the parts, we are whole, dynamic and complex. So, what does the world need to heal right now? Nourished thriving Women!


Our Vision:

  • That women don’t just “make it through” childbirth and breastfeeding postnatal mothering, that they thrive.
  • That women benefit from, and absorb, the natural benefits of the feminine rites of passage, e.g. menstrual cycles, maiden phase, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, menopause etc.
  • That women embrace and are elevated by their inherent flow as women, with knowledge of the feminine mysteries.
  • That women may connect fully with deep ancestral knowledge and inner knowing – their intuition.
  • That women, babies, the community and indeed the Earth are healed through the reconnection of these things.

Meet our Experts each with 20 years or more professional practice.

Nicola Phoenix

Nicola Phoenix

Nicola is a passionate yoga teacher, psychologist, author, doula and birth/women’s health professional, with over 20 years international experience. Nicola has trained, with Dr Michel Odent, the French obstetrician and childbirth pioneer who famously introduced the water birth in 1977. Also completing separate diplomas in pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga and training in childbirth preparation in the UK under the guidance of Dr Francoise Freedman, international expert and founder of Birthlight.

Nicola is a senior Yoga Alliance teacher, with continuous study under the guidance of her teachers for over 20 years.

What do you get for coming to work with Nicola?
We’re so glad you asked!

Intimate classes mean one on one focused attention to get results for healing and function. A psychologist with 18 years experience, Nicola offers a gentle, caring and experienced emotionally supportive environment.

Yoga: Nicola completed her first three-year diploma in 2005 and is trained in the traditions of Classical Yoga from Swami Mutktananda and Swami Gitananda. For the last nine years, Nicola has studied the meditation practices of Swami Rama with international teacher Robert Mann, to inform and honour both women’s bodies and traditional yogic practices.

Pregnancy Yoga: Having obtained a diploma, Nicola is one of the only fully trained and qualified Birthlight instructors in yoga in Australia working with the internationally recognised expert Francoise Freedman.

Post-Natal Yoga (Diploma): One of the only fully trained and qualified Birthlight yoga instructors in Australia offering classes, courses and private support for postnatal women. Babes in arms and up to crawling age are welcome.

Birthlight trained childbirth preparation teacher:
Working internationally across Europe, USA and Australia to support women and their birth partners, face to face courses, private workshops and internationally on skype.

Intimate prenatal and postnatal pregnancy yoga classes are available from the clinic on Sundays, one on ones and small groups by appointment on Mondays.

Naomi Jansson

Naomi Jansson

With 20 years’ clinical experience, Naomi offers integrative and holistic support and education in Women’s Health, Pregnancy and Postpartum. With a deep appreciation of the holistic nature of our physical, emotional, mind and subtle bodies she will work with you to optimise your health and wellness as you negotiate the cycles of a Woman’s life.

Naomi is an advocate for Traditional and Ancestral knowledge, and hopes to secure this choice for our future generations and connection to our deep inherit birth rights as humans.

Naomi utilises Traditional Medicine knowledge and Acupuncture techniques acquired from her training in Australia, Japan, China, USA and Europe combined with many years as a registered nurse and studies of many forms of Traditional and Indigenous medicine for women. This includes observing and honouring our rites of passage and rituals that aid in the transitions and transformations that are the cycles of a woman’s life. Her particular focus is on how we can use this knowledge on a practical day to day level to support ourselves, our children, family and community health!

Naomi’s Professional Qualifications:

Bachelor of Health Science, Nursing QUT – 2002 Registered Nurse AHPRA

Masters of Applied Science, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture RMIT – 2014 Registered Acupuncturist AHPRA

Naomi provides acupuncture and Traditional Medicine services and holds women’s circles, workshops and education classes for groups and individuals.

Naomi is extremely passionate about using Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Traditional Medicine education and services for those who seek her assistance.

To book a session with Naomi please contact the clinic on
07 555755300 or click book online.

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Introduction to Nicola Phoenix
Introduction to Pre and Postnatal Yoga
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