Anna Kohlmüller

Anna Kohlmüller, BHSc

As a second generation Chinese medicine doctor from Germany, Anna is passionate about offering individual and holistic health services. Growing up receiving predominantly traditional medicine care, Anna recognised its value early on and endeavours to share its unique multi-faceted health benefits with you.

Clinical experience with Alan Jansson and Naomi Jansson since 2019 at the Queensland Sports Medicine Centre at The GABBA and Acupuncture Gold Coast clinic at Miami has contributed immensely to Anna‘s inspiration to utilize this ancient, sophisticated, but gentle medicine practice for the benefit of her clients.

Grateful for her experience, Anna continuously strives for optimal treatment outcomes and prioritises her clinical evolution to offer her best services to you.

Professional Qualifications:

Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) Registered Acupuncturist (AHPRA CMR0002698790)  

Professional Membership:

AACMA (Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Australia) #4218

Acupuncture Gold Coast

Anna Kohlmüller, Acupuncturist
Australian Centre for Natural Medicine

2184 Gold Coast Hwy
Miami, Queensland 4220

Phone: 07-5575-5300



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