I want to focus here on acupuncture treatment for glandular fever, especially in young people and adolescents. Over the last five years I have seen an explosion in the number of young people and adolescents coming to see me who have been suffering from glandular fever.

This condition is terribly disruptive. We have got young people suffering from glandular fever who are active in sport looking to take their sporting achievements to a higher level or young people who are sitting their end-of-year exams for their High School Certificate or University entrance.

Young people suffering from glandular fever especially interests me though I am more than happy to offer acupuncture treatment for anyone who is suffering from glandular fever.                                        

I am particularly concerned about those young people who are just starting to explode into their adult life, being hit by this insidious disease that affects their overall wellbeing.

Glandular fever results in fevers, headaches, and lethargy. This entire health scenario is incredibly debilitating for an adolescent or young adult, or for anyone in fact wanting to experience an active and enjoyable life.

acupuncture treatment for glandular fever

It gives me great pleasure to experience working successfully with young adults and adolescents and others who have been affected by glandular fever.

From an Oriental Medicine perspective what we are looking to do is to activate the immune system. We do this utilising Traditional Oriental Medicine Physiology. We are not constrained by, or responsible to, the Western Medical Model, which is a model unto itself.

In the Oriental Medicine physiology, what we are doing is activating the immune system and we are compensating the heat and cold balance in the body. The fevers, from an Oriental Medicine perspective, eat up what we call the Yin or the cooling nutrient of the person.

So there are two ways that we work with glandular fever and the repercussions of this medical condition. One way that we work is to deal with the actual heat of the body, to release that heat. The other way is to come in underneath to nourish what we call the Yin or nutrient cooling aspect.

This acupuncture treatment for glandular fever commonly helps the quality of sleep; it helps to control what we consider to be the source of the headaches and the lethargy in the body.

If there is insufficient Yin or cooling aspect, the Yang becomes like an errant bunch of school children. There’s no direction or discipline, so the kids do whatever they want and they run amuck in the body. The Yin aspect is like the teacher directing and guiding the children and providing discipline in the right portion to utilise this accumulated energy in a constructive, purposeful manner.

So, in my experience, sufferers of glandular fever respond extremely well to the very light application of Classical Japanese acupuncture. It is pain-free and very, very gentle.

It is a privilege and a great pleasure for me to be able to provide some relief to people through acupuncture treatment for glandular fever, especially young people and adolescents suffering the debilitating symptoms of this medical condition.

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