We specialise in Japanese acupuncture for lower back pain as this condition is so pervasive today.

In this video, I explain how I use Japanese acupuncture to alleviate and remove lower back pain.  There is a growing list of ailments of the 21st Century and lower back pain is one of the more prominent.

Lower back pain is a very common condition seen in our acupuncture clinic.   Over the last 30 years I would have seen thousands of people coming to our clinic with lower back pain – with various levels of problems ranging from a dull, constant, nagging ache to excruciating, agonising pain that makes it very difficult for the patient to move.

I’ve found in my time as an acupuncture practitioner that Japanese acupuncture can be very beneficial for people suffering from lower back pain.  Initially, acupuncture relieves the pain and makes the patient more comfortable.  However, in the long term, we are addressing the fundamental imbalances that contribute to this really debilitating condition.

I myself have experienced lower back pain and have actually had acupuncture treatment from a number of my students, including my daughter.  In all situations, I have found that the acupuncture has come to the rescue really wonderfully for me.  With regards the patients I have seen in the acupuncture clinic, many have gained great relief.

There are several different scenarios with lower back pain.   There’s the dull, nagging ache which will constantly plague the individual and not so much debilitate the patient, but erode their quality of life.  This is what we know in Oriental medicine as the kidney deficiency syndrome and it’s related very much to the constitution of the individual and their lifestyle.  This dull back ache can be the precursor to severe lower back pain.

People who suffer severe lower back pain experience a sharp pain when they bend over and find it is difficult to straighten up.  For example, when I was at Los Angeles airport, I bent over to pick up my suitcase and felt a sudden pain in my lower back and realised I had to be careful.

One of the key factors in the acupuncture treatment of lower back pain is to see the patient as soon as possible after the pain becomes prominent.  This helps us stop the situation deteriorating into a very severe, debilitating situation and helps us resolve the back problem quicker because we are obviously dealing with the lower back pain in a more expedient manner.

Interestingly, the acupuncture techniques used for lower back pain are extremely gentle and we use a heating substance to warm the back.  Most patients respond to the heating substance, known as moxibustion, in a very, very positive way and invariably comment on how much better they feel at the end of the treatment.  I expect that a person suffering from lower back pain will experience a considerable amount of relief from the acupuncture treatment, including moxibustion.

From these back conditions we move to the very debilitating lower back pain that has resulted in sciatica where the pain shoots down the leg and causes a numb, nervy, burning, neural pain in the lower part of the leg, behind the knee, in the hamstring and down into the toes.  This condition can be a constant nagging issue for people trying to lead a normal lifestyle.

With acupuncture, I have also treated people with severe prolapses of the intervertebral discs which have contributed very much to their lower back pain.

I have also treated people who have had surgery (laminectomies where the actual disc material has been removed), to help them recover from the surgical process and also to maintain equilibrium and balance in the lower back post surgery.  This is very important because once the intervertebral disc is removed, then the tendency for the discs above and below the point of surgery to deteriorate increases significantly.  So everything the patient can do to maintain the integrity of the lower back is very important.

In a nutshell, I’ve found Japanese acupuncture for lower back pain to be incredibly effective.

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