For many years now, I have specialised in using acupuncture to assist teenagers and adults suffering from chronic fatigue and post viral syndrome.

In this video, I discuss how I use Japanese acupuncture to assist patients  suffering from fatigue.

I have been very fortunate in that 20 years ago I came into contact with  Masakazu Ikeda sensei, a master acupuncture practitioner in Japan, who took the time and made the effort to teach me some acupuncture techniques to help people who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or post viral syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue is a diabolical condition with no physical evidence to substantiate what the hell is going on in your body.                             

Usually very healthy individuals having difficulty getting out of bed, even to go to the toilet.  Even Olympic Gold Medal athletes such as Emma Snowsill, World Champion Tri-Athlete, have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and sought my help through the use of Japanese acupuncture.

In the case of Leroy the subject of this video, he had been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for 18 years.  His life was on a string.

Another patient who comes to mind who I worked with in the early part of this century was Alastair Lynch, a famous Australian Football League (AFL) player.  He had incredible difficulty playing more than 20 minutes in a 120 minutes game.

I am really happy to say that in all these situations – Emma’s, Leroy’s and Alistair’s situation – I was successful in using acupuncture to treat their chronic fatigue syndrome.  Emma has gone on to win a number of triathlons after having acupuncture treatment for her chronic fatigue syndrome.  Leroy has a lovely family and is operating an incredibly successful business in audio and sound engineering.  Alistair Lynch, who had never won a premiership in any sport at any point in his life, went on to win three National Australian Rules Premierships with the Brisbane Lions.

I would say that each of these individuals would acknowledge the important role that Japanese acupuncture played in helping them to recover and once again to go on to perform at an elite level, whether it be in business or in sport.

In another case, Isaac who had suffered from Ross River Fever, which is a mosquito-born virus, moved into chronic fatigue.  His limbs ached all the time, he had difficulty in doing anything.  He was an elite level basketballer, still in high school.  This boy was in big trouble.  Some three weeks after he commenced acupuncture treatment, there was no need to see him further.  He has, however, come in once a month for a maintenance acupuncture treatment to ensure that his immune system maintains integrity and to avoid relapsing into chronic fatigue.

One of the tricky things about chronic fatigue syndrome is that, if the person doesn’t maintain good, strong, vital health, then the potential to relapse into chronic fatigue is there.  I’m happy to say that all the patients that I have treated for chronic fatigue, that I have maintained contact with, have enjoyed really good health and have not relapsed into chronic fatigue syndrome.

I love treating people with these conditions because the Western model of medicine has very little to offer.  It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to provide some form of relief and some methodology to improve the health of people who have been knocked over, literally, by a virus and have gone into chronic fatigue or post viral syndrome.

So if you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or post viral syndrome, please consider Japanese acupuncture for these conditions and pop into my acupuncture clinic – I am sure you will be very happy with the result.

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