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Tai Chi at sunrise

Our aim is to give people the whole art, as the healing and the fighting are the yin and yang sides of the same coin which complete this internal art. This means that even classes from Taiji and Qigong will involve learning some martial content, theoretically, philosophically or physically. This is because some martial understanding teaches you how to use the body’s structure and movement correctly to generate and cultivate the internal energy system to its fullest.

Internal Fighting Arts
Powered by Fa-jing (explosive energy) the internal Kung fu systems of Taijiquan and Baguazhang teach us how to use our entire bodies, including out internal energy, for self defence. Through learning to release out internal energy and attack the most vulnerable points of the human body, Taiji and Bagua allow us to make use of the attacker’s energetic system to stop a fight fast!

Self Healing and Medical Aspects
Internal Kung Fu teaches how to use the body and harness our internal energy system to perform work… whether it be for self defence, healing or picking up after the kids!

The healing aspects of this art come into play by learning how to use the body as a single unit providing the internal energy with a smooth and constant avenue to flow throughout your body. The ability to harness your internal energy finally leads to the ability to transfer Qi and aids everyone’s natural healing gifts. Once these gifts are added to the healing methods hidden within the movements of the Taiji forms, one has a truly amazing healing art.

Personal Training and Classes

Tai Chi

This a class designed to teach you how to use Taijiquan and Baguazhang as a health and fitness exercise program. Through incorporating exercises from the Taiji and Bagua slow forms, Qigong meditation sets, martial drills and forms we can cultivate internal energy to assist building and regulating Qi and blood as well as strengthen the physical body for a total mind body work out!

Note: This class may leave you feeling energized, relaxed and alert whilst building strength, coordination, balance & stability.

Taiji Kung Fu
This class is a Internal Kung Fu Class based on the Montaigue system of Taijiquan and Baguazhang. We practice any number of drills and forms to learn Fajing and how to use the body and mind as a single unit to gain timing, distancing and positioning in order to defeat our attacker. Some of these exercises include push hands, san sou and applications, 12 hands, prawn boxing, chi sou etc.

Note: This class is a Kung Fu class and includes forms and drills to teach you how to best survive an attack on the street. Practical, simple and effective methods taught in a relaxed and fun environment. No experience necessary.

Taiji / Qi Gong / Bagua
This class is designed for practicing and teaching people the Taijiquan and Bagua forms, Qigong and related meditative exercises from this system which help learn the subtle methods hidden within every Taijiquan and Baguazhang exercise.

Note: This class may leave you with a deeper understanding of your internal energetic system resulting in a heightened state of physical and emotional awareness whilst teaching you how to cultivate, regulate and even transmit qi for performing body work or internal fighting arts.


Class Schedule

Tuesday morning: 6am – 7:30am (Pt / TaiChi)
Tuesday night: 6pm – 8pm (Taiji / Qigong / Bagua)
Thursday night: 6pm – 8pm (Taiji & Bagua Kung fu)

Instructor: Nicholas Blewett

*Health Fund Rebates available


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