Family Health Care

At the Australian Centre for Natural Medicine we have been providing for family health care needs for over 20 years.

Our Family Health services offer supportive care that caters to individual and changing health needs of every member of your family.

Treatment approaches are based on Eastern Medical philosophy, offering an alternative theoretical understanding of the body and health.

This means that we can work in a supportive manner with other medical or complementary treatment you, or your children are receiving without risk of side effects or interactions.

Our service not only focuses on the presenting ailments or conditions but on the whole picture of what might be contributing to the development of illness and supportive care in preventing further episodes.

Did you know that acupuncture is based on an understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine? Because the treatment is based on this understanding we are able to provide specific treatments for many conditions that may alleviate symptoms related to pain and injury or illness. Treatments are individualised so we can provide support for Mothers, Fathers, Babies and Children throughout the changing needs of every member’s health.

We provide gentle and needle free treatments to babies and children as well as pregnancy care to women during and after pregnancy. It is not uncommon that the whole family will come in and receive treatment at the same time.

In family medicine it is understood that in many cases a healthy mother supports a healthy family. This is especially true in single parent households. Women are often the primary co-ordinators of health care for their children and their partner and parents as well. Therefore special care and attention is taken regarding not only the presenting symptoms of a child but also the health of the mother and how the whole family and home environment can be supported to promote recovery. Our service is here to understand and support the whole family and each member’s individual and specific needs.

A typical example of Family Health requirements in our clinic:

Exhaustion and breastfeeding challenges (e.g mastitis)

Sleep deprivation and fatigue

New Baby:

Child Sibling:

At Australian Centre for Natural Medicine our practitioners use Japanese style acupuncture.
The gentle and relaxing treatment techniques are a functional means of positively influencing the body system. We aim to provide relaxation and comfort to our clients with pregnancy beds and positing that allows Women to enjoy their acupuncture treatments. We are happy to cater for women attending treatment, on their own, with children under 18 months of age.

If you are interested in receiving treatment or want to know more about the types of conditions we can provide services for please feel free to contact Australian Centre for Natural Medicine on 07 5575 5300 during office hours or email us an enquiry at

We look forward to being of service.

Dr. Naomi Jansson (Registered Acupuncturist and Registered Nurse)
Director of Women’s and Family Health Services at Australian Centre for Natural Medicine.



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