Australian Centre for Natural Medicine to Offer Ophthalmological Laser LightNeedle Therapy

Vision Acupuncture is ex­tremely happy to an­nounce that Ophthalmological Laser LightNeedle Therapy will soon be­come avail­able at our clin­ic Australian Centre for Natural Medicine on the Gold Coast. Since our in­cep­tion in 2011 we have worked hand in hand with Dr. Andy Rosenfarb to provide high qual­ity and ef­fect­ive ser­vices for our cli­ents. We are ex­cited […]

Vision Acupuncture Update

Hello and wel­come to the first up­date for Vision Acupuncture. My name is Naomi Jansson and I am the primary prac­ti­tion­er provid­ing ser­vices for our pa­tients suf­fer­ing from vari­ous eye con­di­tions and de­gen­er­at­ive eye dis­ease. Vision Acupuncture is a hol­ist­ic eye health ser­vice based from Australian Centre for Natural Medicine on the Gold Coast, Miami […]

Acupuncture for Eye Disease

We are ex­cited by the res­ults that some of our pa­tients have ex­per­i­enced over the past five years when we have been us­ing acu­punc­ture for eye dis­ease. We have brought in­to our acu­punc­ture clin­ic an in­nov­a­tion called oph­thal­mic acu­punc­ture or acu­punc­ture for eye dis­ease. I must state cat­egor­ic­ally at the out­set that we do not put […]

Acupuncture Treatment for Glandular Fever

I want to fo­cus here on acu­punc­ture treat­ment for glandu­lar fever, es­pe­cially in young people and ad­oles­cents. Over the last five years I have seen an ex­plo­sion in the num­ber of young people and ad­oles­cents com­ing to see me who have been suf­fer­ing from glandu­lar fever. This con­di­tion is ter­ribly dis­rupt­ive. We have got young […]

Acupuncture Treatment for Ross River Fever

Acupuncture treat­ment for Ross River Fever can be very ef­fect­ive and lead to re­lief from the severe symp­toms of this con­di­tion. Ross River Fever is one of the med­ic­al con­di­tions that is very dif­fi­cult to treat with the Western Medicine ap­proach. It is a de­le­ter­i­ous dis­ease – it res­ults in head­aches, fever, sweat­ing, aches in […]

Japanese Acupuncture: Study Trip to Japan

Today I would like to talk about my re­cent study trip to Japan to deep­en my know­ledge of the the­ory and prac­tice of Japanese Acupuncture. My trip to Japan was to at­tend an­other Japanese Acupuncture work­shop with my Master Acupuncturist, Ikeda Sensei. It was quite an amaz­ing jour­ney – as it al­ways is. On this […]

Acupuncture Treatment for Water Retention in Pregnancy

Acupuncture has proven to be a very ef­fect­ive treat­ment for wa­ter re­ten­tion, which is be­com­ing an all too com­mon con­di­tion for preg­nant wo­men, es­pe­cially in the lat­ter stages of preg­nancy. Water re­ten­tion can be a pre­curs­or to an in­si­di­ous con­di­tion known as eclamp­sia which can lead to el­ev­ated blood pres­sure and a very un­com­fort­able con­di­tion […]

Acupuncture Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Youth

I would like to dis­cuss my use of Japanese Acupuncture to help youth who suf­fer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This is a health con­di­tion that is all too com­mon in the clin­ic in this day and age. At this par­tic­u­lar junc­ture, I can treat at any one time, six to ten people between the […]

Acupuncture For Prenatal Treatment

In this video, I fo­cus on the use of tra­di­tion­al Japanese acu­punc­ture for pren­at­al treat­ment and dis­cuss how acu­punc­ture is used in each tri­mester of a preg­nancy. Firstly, tra­di­tion­al Japanese acu­punc­ture is an in­cred­ibly gentle and user-friendly pren­at­al treat­ment. I really want to get that out of the way first – it is not a pain­ful […]

Acupuncture For Infertility

This dis­cus­sion fo­cuses on acu­punc­ture for in­fer­til­ity and some of the prob­lems that oc­cur with in­di­vidu­als and with couples that are hav­ing great dif­fi­culty in con­ceiv­ing. The whole scen­ario of striv­ing to con­ceive and not be­ing suc­cess­ful cre­ates a very de­le­ter­i­ous build up of ten­sion and anxi­ety for the couple and es­pe­cially for the fe­male […]