Acupuncture for Eye Disease

We are ex­cited by the res­ults that some of our pa­tients have ex­per­i­enced over the past five years when we have been us­ing acu­punc­ture for eye dis­ease.

We have brought in­to our acu­punc­ture clin­ic an in­nov­a­tion called oph­thal­mic acu­punc­ture or acu­punc­ture for eye dis­ease.

I must state cat­egor­ic­ally at the out­set that we do not put needles in the eyes of acu­punc­ture pa­tients. This is a pre­val­ent in­ter­pret­a­tion of acu­punc­ture for eye dis­orders, but it is cer­tainly not the case.

Acupuncture for Eye Disease

I was very for­tu­nate in 2008 to meet Dr. Andy Rosenfarb from New Jersey who is a pi­on­eer in oph­thal­mic acu­punc­ture. Dr Rosenfarb has been treat­ing de­gen­er­at­ive eye dis­eases since 1997 us­ing Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has done quite a bit of work with the John Hopkins re­search stud­ies in­to the ef­fect and out­comes of acu­punc­ture treat­ment for de­gen­er­at­ive eye dis­ease, par­tic­u­larly ret­in­it­is pig­mentosa and mac­u­lar de­gen­er­a­tion.

What has ex­cited me has been the pos­it­ive out­comes we found us­ing acu­punc­ture treat­ment for eye dis­ease. I pas­sion­ately be­lieve in and love the prac­tice of acu­punc­ture. I have brought to my acu­punc­ture clin­ics the oph­thal­mic acu­punc­ture ap­proach that Dr. Rosenfarb has been so kind to teach me.

Acupuncture for eye dis­ease has ad­ded to my ex­cite­ment and I deeply en­joy see­ing people be­ne­fit from oph­thal­mic acu­punc­ture, par­tic­u­larly those people un­der­go­ing the alarm­ing pro­cess of de­gen­er­at­ive eye dis­ease.

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