Have you tried to lose weight and failed?

Would you like to reach your weight loss goals using natural and supportive therapies, individually recommended for you and your lifestyle, that leave you feeling strong, empowered and healthy?
At the Australian Centre for Natural Medicine we offer a holistic service for Weight Loss that considers you and your lifestyle and offers support which aims to prevent cycles of weight gain.


We offer an integrative service that utilises a variety of techniques including
state of the art German Laser technology – Natural Laser light therapy . When we combine laser acupuncture with dietary, lifestyle and supplemental support we increase your chances of successfully reaching your goals.


Our Laser therapy specialist, Naturopath and Acupuncturist Moira Bradfield, who has over 16 years experience working with people to overcome obstacles, is ready to work with you to reach your goals.

Our Weight Loss program provides an integrative service and personalised program of treatment so you can reach your goals and live a healthier life.

Our Weight Loss program assesses the unique presentation of each individual to guide laser acupuncture point selection in combination with identified protocols for weight loss used globally. Because our staff are highly qualified and experienced health practitioners they can help support and manage medical and health conditions that may be barriers to weight loss such as hormone and thyroid imbalances including diabetes. Also many people are suffering from conditions such as fatigue, post-natal recovery, surgical recovery, emotional issues and injury for example, which may be affecting your ability to lose weight. Our practitioners can help support your overall health presentation and barriers whilst focusing on your weight loss goal.
The technology of Natural laser light therapy is cutting edge, non invasive, painless and quick.When combined with tailored dietary, lifestyle and nervous system support laser light therapy will support you in your efforts to lose weight.

If you are interested in receiving treatment or want to know more please feel free to contact Australian Centre for Natural Medicine on 07 5575 5300 during office hours or email us an enquiry.

We look forward to being of service.

Dr. Moira Bradfield (Registered Acupuncturist and Naturopath)

Acupuncture Gold Coast

Alan Jansson, Acupuncturist
Australian Centre for Natural Medicine
2184 Gold Coast Hwy
Miami, Queensland 4220

Phone: 07-5575-5300

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