Hello and welcome to the first update for Vision Acupuncture.

My name is Naomi Jansson and I am the primary practitioner providing services for our patients suffering from various eye conditions and degenerative eye disease.
Vision Acupuncture is a holistic eye health service based from Australian Centre for Natural Medicine on the Gold Coast, Miami Queensland Australia.

We have been offering this dedicated service for over 3 years and I wanted to share some of the exciting advances to the Vision Acupuncture Service that have developed in the past few months.

Services Location:

Having recently completed my Masters in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and gaining registration as an acupuncturist with AHPRA, the Vision Acupuncture Service is now available 5 days per week from our Miami Clinic on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

Introducing Naomi Jansson:

I am very excited to utilise my 12 years of Nursing experience, 5 years of clinical acupuncture training and 3 years experience and training in the field of Chinese Medical Ophthalmology to provide our Vision Acupuncture Service.

During the past few years I have been busy preparing myself for this important role.
As well as the previously mentioned training and qualifications I have also completed a post graduate course at QUT in the Principles of Ophthalmic Nursing and was the recipient of the 2012 Queensland Eye Hospital Award for Academic Excellence.

Additional training and activities I have completed recently include delivering several presentations at AONA (Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association) conference to Ophthalmic Nurses discussing Natural Medicine and its efficacy in the treatment of eye disease.

In 2012 I traveled to the USA to train with world renowned acupuncturist and natural medicine practitioner, Dr. Andy Rosenfarb. I also hosted Dr. Rosenfarb’s Introduction to TCM for Eye Disease seminar in Australia 2013 and recently returned from my second advanced training visit with Dr. Rosenfarb (Integrative Eye health expert) further developing my knowledge and skills to enhance the service offered to our patients.

Here are some images of highlights from my recent trip to the USA.

New Accommodation Deal:

We have recently been able to arrange a 15% discount, during off peak times, for our Vision Acupuncture patients at the friendly Spindrift motel. Spindrift is a beachfront location offering relaxing and tranquil accommodation 5 to 10 minutes walk from the clinic.
If you would like to book your accommodation with Spindrift please let them know that you are a patient at Australian Centre for Natural Medicine when you book.

New Service for Dry Eye Syndrome:

I am excited to announce that we will now be offering individualised treatment programs for people suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome. Dry eye is an exceptionally common condition suffered by many people. If you are interested in more information about this service please click on the link:
Vision Acupuncture for Dry Eye

New Staff:

I am very happy to announce that my sister Ellie has joined the Vision Acupuncture team. Ellie has been helping us behind the scenes over the past 12 months, developing online teaching services including Dr. Andy Rosenfarb’s Australian Seminar on Degenerative Eye Disease. As a result she has become increasingly interested in the benefits of Chinese Medical Ophthalmology. She joins the team in an administrative and educational capacity. Ellie will be assisting in the delivery of important services’ including general enquires, assisting with vision testing and moxibustion treatment.

Ellie comes to us with a background in the Arts and Education, she grew up immersed in the clinical and wellness environment and now shares that passion with her two children Kayla and Jasper, who often assist their grandfather Alan in his Brisbane clinic.

Thank you for taking the time to read our initial Update and I hope you have found it informative. If you would like to enquire about any of our update information or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at Australian Centre for Natural Medicine.

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