The use of Japanese acupuncture for stress and anxiety is one of the specializations of our acupuncture clinic.

In this video, I discuss how I use Japanese acupuncture to treat stress and anxiety – an increasingly common condition in this 21st Century.  The IT explosion and the amount of information available on the Internet creates an overwhelming mass of information.

I’ve seen the work roles of people I treat grow exponentially.  I’m finding the people I treat now in the 21st Century are more commonly suffering from stress and anxiety than they were some thirty years ago.  Why?  While it has become easier in lots of ways to get information, the overall Internet has become a lot more complicated and we are under the pump.

The West has become a performance-orientated society and we are rewarded only when we push ourselves to the extreme.  This is true whether it be in business, in sport or whether it be children at school.  Regardless of the role, in all these situations, the amount of pressure and stress involved, with someone having to achieve a higher level of performance, has just exploded.

The traditional form of Japanese acupuncture that I practise is an extremely gentle form of acupuncture.  Stress and anxiety can result in insomnia, digestive disturbances, tight neck and shoulders, headaches, back pain and a whole plethora of conditions through pressure experienced by individuals. Japanese acupuncture is designed for treating these conditions.  In China, the acupuncture practitioner was rewarded for maintaining the health of the family for whom they were caring.  They were not rewarded at all if the family was not responding or maintaining good health.

In the 21st Century, traditional Japanese acupuncture has a vital and effective role in maintaining energetic harmony in the body.  It helps people to relax, undoing the springs, the binding and the pressure that comes with the work role, the sporting role and the academic/scholastic role.  I’ve treated many sports people under the pump with stress and anxiety for Grand Finals and Gold Medal Olympians.  I’ve treated students in both Junior School and Senior High School.  I’ve treated housewives (with, perhaps, slightly argumentative husbands who are also under the pump at work). And I’ve treated many business people who find that the pressure of maintaining their business and surviving in the 21st Century business environment is great.

Japanese acupuncture is an extremely gentle form of treatment, balancing and rounding and undoing those tight springs without heavy physical manipulation, without pushing at all.  It encourages the body to settle right down and allow the free movement of energy.

Invariably you will find when someone comes into our clinic, especially when suffering stress and anxiety, they do relax enormously during treatment.  In most cases, they come up completely refreshed and find themselves revitalised.  There is much more clarity in their mental processes and their sleep quality improves.  Any of the symptoms associated with stress and anxiety improve markedly with traditional Japanese acupuncture.   This has certainly been my clinical experience over the last thirty years and especially in the last ten years.

If you are suffering from stress or anxiety, don’t hesitate to call into our Gold Coast acupuncture clinic:

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