Japanese acupuncture is a very effective treatment for insomnia because it activates the body’s own calming and healing mechanisms.

In this video, I explain the use of Japanese acupuncture for insomnia – how it works effectively with people suffering from the inability to get to sleep or disturbed sleep patterns.

Without question, insomnia is the hidden epidemic of the 21st Century. When I dig into the patient’s history, often sleeplessness or disturbed sleep is something that people smooth over or ignore.  They don’t make an issue of it, as there is no pain involved.  They have problems sleeping and that is an issue they have learned to deal with.

The reality is that insomnia can create an incredibly powerful corrosive quality to our lives.  Many, many people deal with this in the best way possible.  But the result is that accumulatively over a number of years, people suffering from insomnia experience a gradual erosion of their vitality, little by little, by little… This occurs because the quality of our sleep is imperative for the quality of our life.

If we have good sleep, then the body heals and nourishes itself really effectively.  With poor sleep patterns, the body does not have the same opportunity to regenerate over night.  From this perspective, I really think it is incredibly important that this situation, this problem with sleep, is resolved as expediently and as effectively as possible.

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of people suffering from insomnia and in many cases they will come into the acupuncture clinic for another condition and I will discover that insomnia is an underlying factor that is contributing to their health problems.

Traditional Japanese acupuncture can be, and in my experience is, an extremely effective means to maintain high quality sleep, to improve their sleep pattern.  For those people that have dream-disturbed sleep, the potential to calm the dreams down and gain more restful sleep is huge.

Then we have people who have a disturbed sleep pattern and are waking up every hour and then tossing and turning and having trouble going back to sleep. This is not good for our overall health and Japanese acupuncture can be very effective in helping them improve the quality of their sleep pattern.  There are also individuals who have incredible difficulty in getting to sleep.

All of these particular patterns have a slightly different origin according to Oriental medicine.  I have found that Japanese acupuncture is very helpful in helping people get to sleep, in helping those who have trouble from waking up at night, and helping people with dream-disturbed sleep (often with violent dreams/nightmares).  It is also beneficial for those who are waking up in the early hours of the morning and are unable to get back to sleep.

The reason for this treatment effectiveness is that acupuncture helps to balance the energy of the body.  This is an unfolding perspective.  In other words, the acupuncture is a very gentle treatment that creates a smoothing, energetic ripple through the body.   We balance the heat that is in the upper part of the body and we get things moving around in a more harmonious manner.  This contributes very much to improved quality of sleep.

So if you are thinking of having acupuncture for insomnia, please come into our acupuncture clinic and give it a try – I can assure you that I can help:




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