Many people don’t realise the benefits they can gain from the use of Japanese acupuncture for colds and flu.

In this video I discuss the role that Japanese acupuncture can play both in the prevention of colds and flu and also in the resolution of the deleterious symptoms that are experienced by people suffering from these conditions.

Over the past thirty years, I have treated hundreds and hundreds of people suffering from colds and flu.

One area of great interest to me has been treating elite athletes.                                                                                              They push the envelope to the absolute maximum and as such they can be vulnerable to colds and flu.                        Their immune systems can become overtaxed as a result of being physically and mentally exhausted through their intense training and competition regimes.

In a nutshell, traditional Japanese acupuncture is an incredibly powerful tool if used at the onset of colds and flu.       This is based on my clinical experience.

I have been working with tri-athlete, Emma Snowsill, who was a Gold Medal winner at the Beijing Olympics and is trying to get healthy for the London Olympics in 2012.                                                                                                                 She came to our clinic with a sore throat and blocked nose and was feeling a bit lethargic and not able to train to her optimum.

There is a specific form of treatment that we use when this happens.                                                                                   This is the very early onset of the symptoms, where the body’s immunity is starting to drop, the energy levels are starting to fall.                                                                                                                                                                                     She responded magnificently to treatment.

Now, Japanese acupuncture treatment, especially with the onset of the flu, is incredibly gentle.  Needles barely touch the skin, there is no deep needle penetration whatsoever and absolutely no pain – guaranteed!  And the efficacy level in my clinical experience, is tremendous and the strike rate is right up there.

I have worked with people from all walks of life, including Emma Snowsill.                                                                             Others include elite Australian Football League (AFL) players who would come to me when they are starting to get sick.  They understand that the appropriate acupuncture treatment at the right time will be enough for them to regenerate and power up their immunity and help them to maintain the training required to perform at the elite level.

And this applies to all individuals, including housewives and mothers who have to perform at an elite level everyday.   It makes it much more difficult if they come down with the flu and the aches and all the symptoms involved with that.  In my experience, these conditions can be effectively treated with the use of traditional Japanese acupuncture.

If the person is unable to make it to the clinic at the very earliest stage, the colds and flu may set in.                                   I have found that Japanese acupuncture expedites a fast recovery from colds and flu.                                                            I have had people come in with advanced colds and flu and respond quickly to treatment.

Olympic Gold Medal swimmer, Leisel Jones, comes to mind.                                                                                                   Leisel came to me with colds and flu and suffering from terrible sinusitis and horrible earaches, which of course was a terrible situation for her to be in when training for the Olympic Games.                                                                                     I couldn’t think of a worse situation for an elite swimmer than to have an ear infection.                                                       Two treatments later and the ear infection was gone. Leisel had had three courses of antibiotics with no effect.

This is the power of judicious traditional Japanese acupuncture.                                                                                                   I feel privileged to be able to offer treatment for people suffering from such a common syndrome.                                     I encourage you, if you have never heard of Japanese acupuncture being used for colds and flu, please give it a go.         It is very special and the side effects are actually beneficial rather than deleterious.

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