Acupuncture treatment for Ross River, Bharma Forest and Dengue Fevers can be very effective and lead to relief from the severe symptoms of this condition. Ross River Fever is one of the medical conditions that is very difficult to treat with the Western Medicine approach.

It is a deleterious disease – it results in headaches, fever, sweating, aches in the bones and aches in the muscles. People who suffer from Ross River Fever also experience an overwhelming lethargy. It is a very, very unpleasant disease.

To my knowledge there is very little relief that Western Medicine can provide for this medical condition. In my experience, especially over the last 18 years, I have found that Traditional Japanese acupuncture, utilising extremely light techniques, is very effective for this condition.

Despite using incredibly light acupuncture treatments, it is extraordinarily powerful in helping to relieve the dramatic symptoms experienced by sufferers of Ross River Fever. The relief from headaches, muscle aches and bone aches together with improvements in energy has been quite marked in all of the patients I have treated who were suffering from Ross River Fever.

I get a great deal of satisfaction working with people in this situation, primarily because there is very little else on offer to help people to overcome, and rehabilitate from,Ross River, Bharma Forest and Dengue Fevers.

Acupuncture for Ross Fever

The disease hits people hard and hits quickly and the beautiful thing from my experience of using acupuncture treatment for patients with Ross River Fever is the immediacy and spontaneity of the positive response.

Often people come into our acupuncture clinic with a blinding headache and it gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction to be able to give them instant relief from the headaches, and also muscle aches and bone aches. Over a period of a few acupuncture treatments, they begin to rebuild their fundamental energy so they can start to put their life back together again.

Long term suffering from Ross River, Bharma Forest and Dengue Fevers is not a good situation. The longer a person suffers from the symptoms of this condition, the longer it takes to resolve it. The more acute the condition, in my experience, the more spontaneous the remission we can achieve with the practice of Japanese acupuncture.

I reiterate that the acupuncture techniques that we use are extremely light and extremely gentle and totally pain-free when we treat patients with this disease.

Acupuncture for Ross River Fever 2015

2015 has been an extraordinary year in terms of the number of people who have visited my Gold Coast clinic for acupuncture treatment for Ross River Fever. In the first two months of 2015, I have seen as many patients with this condition as I normally see in a year.

From what my patients have said to me and from what has been said to them when they have gone to the hospitals for diagnosis or resolution for their terrible symptoms, it is quite apparent that there is an outbreak of Ross River Fever in Southern Queensland. I think this has got a lot to do with the extraordinary number of mosquitoes as a result of the wet season that we have had.

It also has got to do with a general warming of the climate – it is almost like the mosquitoes carrying the viruses, the Barmah Forest virus and the Ross River Fever virus, have moved south a little. There are more of the mosquitoes around, and certainly from my clinical experience at the Gold Coast acupuncture clinic, there are more around carrying the virus. I draw that conclusion purely and solely from the number of people that have sought my assistance as a result of coming down with this virus.

They are suffering from the terrible symptoms of Ross River Fever – fever, the headaches, bone aches, joint aches, and the absolute overwhelming lethargy in combination with the inability to sleep and have deep restful sleep. It is a wicked combination of symptoms.

One particular lady coming to see me at the moment who in combination with Ross River Fever, also has chronic ulcerative colitis and gastritis – so her digestive tract is in a constantly irritated state. Her doctor has prescribed her anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers to control the pain and the inflammation that has resulted from the virus. In some sense, it’s like “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. Whilst there may have been some amelioration of the pain and some reduction in the degree of the fevers, the interaction of the medication with her already existing ulcerative colitis and gastritis has been quietly diabolical and has caused a whole separate set of symptoms

In my experience, acupuncture for Ross River Fever is incredibly positive in assisting people with this condition because of the lack of negative side effects. In almost every case, only benefits are passed on by the acupuncture treatment.

The spread of this condition is quite a concern. I’ve talked to people who went away to northern New South Wales. There were two couples who went away. Two of the four people came back with Ross River Fever as a result of being bitten by mosquitoes, and two got lucky. I would certainly urge people to take the appropriate precautions – either wearing a repellent or lighting particular candles designed to keep the mosquitoes away. If you find yourself or your family being attacked by mosquitoes in any particular area it may be wise to move on to a location where there is less infestation. I guess the less number of times you get bitten by mosquitoes, the less chance you have of contracting this really nasty virus.

So this discussion is just a warning about the growing incidence of Ross River Fever in southern Queensland and acknowledgement that many patients are finding effective relief for this condition through acupuncture in my clinic on the Gold Coast, as well as at our Acupuncture Brisbane clinic.

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