Many people suffer chronic pain because they do not understand the powerful, positive effects of using Japanese acupuncture for migraine and other headaches.

In this video, I discuss the benefits of acupuncture treatment for headaches, including migraine headaches, that many patients experience through our acupuncture clinic.

Thousands of people have seen me (in my 30 years of practice) for this life-eroding condition, especially for migraine headaches or any sort of chronic headaches.  There are many sorts of headaches – there are a number of headaches associated with flu’s and viruses and headaches associated with neck problems.  Some people have a constitutional tendency to suffer headaches.  So when they become imbalanced in their lifestyle, these particular individuals tend to experience headaches rather than lower back pain or stomach problems.

These headache conditions can be resolved with the judicious use of acupuncture.  I use a particular form of acupuncture known as Traditional Japanese Acupuncture and it is a very gentle form that was refined and developed in Japan from the traditional Chinese style of acupuncture.  Currently, I would say that I am treating anywhere between 10 and 12 people a week for headaches, including migraine headaches.

One of my most recent experiences was treating a patient who had come down with a very severe virus with constant severe headaches, where she felt her head was actually going to explode. This was an unrelenting headache which was giving her no peace whatsoever.  The story as it unfolds is that after just one treatment, she had extraordinary relief from this particular scenario – besides the aching limbs and lethargy from the virus, the headaches improved 90% during the course of one treatment.

In the case of migraine headaches, as distinct from colds and flu’s, you have a more chronic situation where people have that tendency to develop headaches on a regular basis.  With women, the migraines can occur as part of the menstrual cycle or people can experience migraine headaches as a result of stress or anxiety.

In these conditions, we look at normalising and harmonising the energetic balance of the body and to take the tension and stress out of the neck and shoulder areas, to support those areas of the body that are deficient and to balance those areas of the body where there is excess energy.   Invariably, with headaches, especially migraine headaches, the excess energy is up in the head.

Japanese acupuncture, in my experience over the last thirty years, is incredibly effective for helping people to recover from and maintain good health in spite of the constitutional tendency to experience migraine headaches.

One particular individual comes to mind and this lady had experienced migraine headaches basically every second or third day over a period of eight or nine years.  These were basically stress related headaches and in a very short period of time, perhaps two or three weeks, her headaches were resolved.  She then went on to a maintenance acupuncture treatment where she visited the acupuncture clinic on a monthly basis.  We were able to keep the headaches at bay.  The result is that her life has improved immeasurably and she is much happier and her family – her husband and children – are also much happier.  She is now able to commit herself and have much more clarity in her work role.

So I highly recommend the use of Japanese acupuncture in the treatment of headaches.

If you want to try Japanese acupuncture for headaches, especially for migraine headaches, visit us at our acupuncture clinic:


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