We specialise in the use of Japanese acupuncture as a very gentle and effective treatment for infertility, menstrual pain and discomfort and menopausal conditions.

These gynaecological conditions are unique in the sense of imbalance in women.  Infertility in women is very common in the 21st Century.  I certainly have my theories as to why this epidemic of infertility has occurred and, indeed, it is an epidemic.

Certainly when I was a young man, it was a very rare scenario to hear of someone who could not conceive.  Now, in fact, it is commonplace and I am finding many people have to resort to the IVF protocols to fall pregnant.  So to my mind there is something that has occurred over the last two decades that has contributed enormously to this epidemic of infertility – and that is what it is, resulting in a huge industry grown out of nothing. Perhaps if you would like to come into my acupuncture clinic for treatment, I will be able to discuss with you my theories about this epidemic of infertility.

However, I can say to you now that the judicious use of Japanese acupuncture can contribute hugely to the potential for a woman to fall pregnant.  This discussion folds over into menstrual pain disorders.  The health of the ovaries, the health of the uterus – all of this, in my experience, can be balanced and improved through the use of Japanese acupuncture.

The secondary issue in relation to gynaecological conditions is menopause.  Problems with menopause have always been an issue but, again, this issue has reached epidemic proportions – the menopausal extreme, the hot flushes and insomnia.  I see many women experiencing distress when going through menopause.

In regards to menstrual disorders and pain, and the desire to fall pregnant, I find that I am very empathetic. Obviously as a male, it is not an issue that I can relate to as closely as a woman.  But having seen so many women in these situations, I have developed insights and understanding into how destructive this can be on the psyche of the individual.

I have come to understand how, on a monthly basis, an individual may have to experience severe pain with menstruation or, on a daily basis, experience the frustration and challenge and constant anxiety around falling pregnant.  Then, of course, I have gained insights into the menstrual situation causing disturbed sleep, stress, anxiety and a whole plethora of different issues.

In my clinical experience, people suffering from gynaecological conditions can experience great benefit from the judicious application of Japanese acupuncture.  It is a very gentle process with very, very little discomfort involved, if any.

So if you have any of these gynaecological conditions and are considering treatment, please come into my acupuncture clinic and see me.  You are more than welcome and you can be assured that I will do my absolute best to help you get pregnant, resolve menstrual discomfort and menstrual pain or reign in the extreme discomfort and distress related to menopausal scenarios.

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