Vision Acupuncture for Retinitis Pigmentosa

One of the de­gen­er­at­ive eye dis­eases that we of­fer ser­vices for here at the Australian Centre for Natural Medicine is Retinitis Pigmentosa, usu­ally called ‘RP’. RP is a ge­net­ic dis­order that can lead to blind­ness. Usually pa­tients suf­fer from a loss of peri­pher­al and night vis­ion ini­tially and then gradu­al de­teri­or­a­tion of the cent­ral vis­ion.

From an Oriental Medicine per­spect­ive the con­di­tion of RP and its pro­gres­sion can be in­flu­enced by in­di­vidu­al health factors of the pa­tient, there­fore dia­gnos­is and treat­ment ap­proaches are as­sessed and made on a case by case basis.

In work­ing with pa­tients dia­gnosed with RP, treat­ment is aimed at pro­mot­ing the body’s abil­ity to help reg­u­late cel­lu­lar func­tion and health, to max­im­ise and pre­serve the func­tion of re­main­ing photore­cept­ors of the ret­ina.
Treatment ap­proaches are tar­geted to­wards the cells that are healthy and func­tion­ing and pre­serving the photore­cept­ors that are on a path of de­teri­or­a­tion. By us­ing the body’s abil­ity to reg­u­late blood flow to the eye and the flu­id that fil­ters through the eye, treat­ment sup­ports ad­equate nu­tri­tion whil­st ad­dress­ing in­flu­en­cing and un­der­ly­ing in­tern­al factors ac­cord­ing to Oriental Medicine.