Vision Acupuncture for Dry Eye

At Australian Centre for Natural Medicine One of the eye con­di­tions that we of­fer Vision Acupuncture ser­vices for is Dry Eye.

Dry eye or Dry Eye Syndrome is a com­mon eye con­di­tion suffered by many people. It is es­tim­ated that between 15-30% of the pop­u­la­tion suf­fer from dry eye. Although not gen­er­ally as­so­ci­ated with vis­ion loss, Dry Eye can be a de­bil­it­at­ing con­di­tion. We of­fer treat­ment for pa­tients any­where with­in the spec­trum of mild to severe cases of Dry Eye.

The con­di­tion of Dry Eye may be caused or in­flu­enced by a mul­ti­tude of in­tern­al and or ex­tern­al factors like:

  • dys­func­tion in the pro­duc­tion of ad­equate tear flu­id
  • acute and chron­ic con­di­tions af­fect­ing tear pro­duc­tion or the tear film
  • sys­tem­ic med­ic­al con­di­tions
  • med­ic­a­tion
  • eye sur­gery or laser pro­ced­ures
  • long term use of con­tact lenses
  • al­ler­gies and oth­er sources of in­flam­ma­tion
  • life­style or en­vir­on­ment factors e.g. air con­di­tion­ing or heat­ing
  • mod­ern ex­traneous factors – ex­cess­ive use of mid-range vis­ion
    • com­puter use
    • tele­vi­sion use

Currently the primary ther­apy for Dry Eye is eye drops, which of­fers tem­por­ary re­lief for the symp­toms of dry eye. A re­cent study ( con­cluded that acu­punc­ture is more ef­fect­ive than eye drops for Dry Eye Syndrome.

In Oriental Medicine the cause of Dry Eye var­ies ac­cord­ing to each per­son due to their spe­cific un­der­ly­ing dis­har­mony, which may be com­bined with or ex­acer­bated by ex­tern­al in­flu­en­cing factors. Our Vision Acupuncture prac­ti­tion­ers take the time to thor­oughly as­sess your case to de­term­ine con­trib­ut­ing factors and re­com­mend per­son­al­ised treat­ment ap­proaches.

Initial Consultation in­cludes:

• Health as­sess­ment
• Ophthalmic and General Health his­tory
• Lifestyle and nu­tri­tion as­sess­ment

The range of Integrative Eye Health Services con­sidered for our cli­ents in­clude:

• Traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine
• Acupuncture
• Moxibustion
• Micro-acupuncture Systems
• Electro-acupuncture
• Chinese di­et ther­apy
• Naturopathic Medicine; Supplement and Lifestyle ad­vice
• Food/Allergy Testing

In some cases Dry Eye is as­so­ci­ated with Itchy Eyes, Red Eye, Eye Fatigue or Strain, these as­so­ci­ated symp­toms are also ad­dressed with our in­di­vidu­al­ised treat­ment strategies. Vision Acupuncture ser­vices fo­cus on en­han­cing the body’s abil­ity to re­gen­er­ate and reg­u­late it­self by sup­port­ing good qual­ity blood flow and body flu­id fil­tra­tion through the eye, whil­st ad­dress­ing in­flu­en­cing and un­der­ly­ing in­tern­al factors ac­cord­ing to Oriental Medicine. Because we are us­ing the bod­ies’ abil­ity to reg­u­late it­self we are able to of­fer this ap­proach as a stand alone ther­apy or in com­bin­a­tion with oth­er thera­peut­ic ap­proaches.