Japanese Acupuncture For Stress And Anxiety

The use of Japanese acu­punc­ture for stress and anxi­ety is one of the spe­cial­iz­a­tions of our acu­punc­ture clin­ic.

In this video, I dis­cuss how I use Japanese acu­punc­ture to treat stress and anxi­ety – an in­creas­ingly com­mon con­di­tion in this 21st Century. The IT ex­plo­sion and the amount of in­form­a­tion avail­able on the Internet cre­ates an over­whelm­ing mass of in­form­a­tion.

I’ve seen the work roles of people I treat grow ex­po­nen­tially. I’m find­ing the people I treat now in the 21st Century are more com­monly suf­fer­ing from stress and anxi­ety than they were some thirty years ago. Why? While it has be­come easi­er in lots of ways to get in­form­a­tion, the over­all Internet has be­come a lot more com­plic­ated and we are un­der the pump.

The West has be­come a performance-orientated so­ci­ety and we are re­war­ded only when we push ourselves to the ex­treme. This is true wheth­er it be in busi­ness, in sport or wheth­er it be chil­dren at school. Regardless of the role, in all these situ­ations, the amount of pres­sure and stress in­volved, with someone hav­ing to achieve a higher level of per­form­ance, has just ex­ploded.

The tra­di­tion­al form of Japanese acu­punc­ture that I prac­tise is an ex­tremely gentle form of acu­punc­ture. Stress and anxi­ety can res­ult in in­som­nia, di­gest­ive dis­turb­ances, tight neck and shoulders, head­aches, back pain and a whole pleth­ora of con­di­tions through pres­sure ex­per­i­enced by in­di­vidu­als. Japanese acu­punc­ture is de­signed for treat­ing these con­di­tions. In China, the acu­punc­ture prac­ti­tion­er was re­war­ded for main­tain­ing the health of the fam­ily for whom they were caring. They were not re­war­ded at all if the fam­ily was not re­spond­ing or main­tain­ing good health.

In the 21st Century, tra­di­tion­al Japanese acu­punc­ture has a vi­tal and ef­fect­ive role in main­tain­ing en­er­get­ic har­mony in the body. It helps people to re­lax, un­do­ing the springs, the bind­ing and the pres­sure that comes with the work role, the sport­ing role and the academic/scholastic role. I’ve treated many sports people un­der the pump with stress and anxi­ety for Grand Finals and Gold Medal Olympians. I’ve treated stu­dents in both Junior School and Senior High School. I’ve treated house­wives (with, per­haps, slightly ar­gu­ment­at­ive hus­bands who are also un­der the pump at work). And I’ve treated many busi­ness people who find that the pres­sure of main­tain­ing their busi­ness and sur­viv­ing in the 21st Century busi­ness en­vir­on­ment is great.

Japanese acu­punc­ture is an ex­tremely gentle form of treat­ment, bal­an­cing and round­ing and un­do­ing those tight springs without heavy phys­ic­al ma­nip­u­la­tion, without push­ing at all. It en­cour­ages the body to settle right down and al­low the free move­ment of en­ergy.

Invariably you will find when someone comes in­to our clin­ic, es­pe­cially when suf­fer­ing stress and anxi­ety, they do re­lax enorm­ously dur­ing treat­ment. In most cases, they come up com­pletely re­freshed and find them­selves re­vital­ised. There is much more clar­ity in their men­tal pro­cesses and their sleep qual­ity im­proves. Any of the symp­toms as­so­ci­ated with stress and anxi­ety im­prove markedly with tra­di­tion­al Japanese acu­punc­ture. This has cer­tainly been my clin­ic­al ex­per­i­ence over the last thirty years and es­pe­cially in the last ten years.

If you are suf­fer­ing from stress or anxi­ety, don’t hes­it­ate to call in­to our Gold Coast acu­punc­ture clin­ic: