Acupuncture Workshop on Building the Immune System, San Francisco 2015

I would like to talk about my re­cent par­ti­cip­a­tion in an acu­punc­ture work­shop in San Francisco. I at­ten­ded a won­der­ful three day work­shop in February 2015 con­duc­ted by my ment­or for the last 20 years, Masakazu Ikeda sen­sei from Japan. He travels reg­u­larly from Japan to San Francisco to con­duct work­shops on a vari­ety of sub­jects re­lat­ing to the present­a­tion and treat­ment of health con­di­tions us­ing Traditional Japanese Acupuncture.

This par­tic­u­lar work­shop was in­cred­ibly in­ter­est­ing as the fo­cus of the work­shop was on build­ing the im­mune sys­tem in treat­ing acute syn­dromes such as colds, flu and dif­fer­ent sorts of fevers. The work­shop demon­strated how, as Oriental Medicine prac­ti­tion­ers, we can op­tim­ise the individual’s im­mune sys­tem through very fine and very gentle need­ling tech­niques.

It was an ex­traordin­ary three days. I mean I have been work­ing with this type of acu­punc­ture now for al­most 20 years. Every time I see Masakazu Ikeda sen­sei, my un­der­stand­ing and my skills grow and my aware­ness of what it is I can do and what I need to do to achieve more re­fined, more power­ful res­ults us­ing acu­punc­ture. It nev­er ceases to amaze me – it is an ex­traordin­ary priv­ilege and I’m very grate­ful and I know for a fact that many of my pa­tients over the years have be­nefited ex­traordin­ar­ily from my in­ter­ac­tion with Masakazu Ikeda sen­sei.

My daugh­ter, Naomi, happened to go with me on this trip and she is a fully fledged Master of Acupuncture and as an ex­tra be­ne­fit, we not only spent a beau­ti­ful three days at the work­shop in San Francisco but also drove down the Pacific Coast Highway. If you are ever in the United States and you are ever trav­el­ling between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I highly re­com­mend go­ing down the Pacific Coast Highway.

The more I work with tra­di­tion­al acu­punc­ture, the more I un­der­stand how power­ful is its ef­fect on the hu­man body when ap­plied with ju­di­cious skill and clin­ic­al ex­per­i­ence.

So not only did my daugh­ter and I get to ex­per­i­ence a won­der­ful Japanese Acupuncture work­shop with Masakazu Ikeda sen­sei in San Francisco fo­cus­ing on boost­ing the im­mune sys­tem, which is such an in­cred­ibly im­port­ant as­pect in main­tain­ing good health in the 21st Century – but we were also able to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway.

It is a huge priv­ilege and I’m ex­tremely grate­ful for the op­por­tun­it­ies that have been presen­ted to me through my 30 years of prac­tice of Traditional Japanese Acupuncture. So feel free to vis­it my Gold Coast acu­punc­ture clin­ic or my clin­ic in Brisbane, if you are want­ing to re­build your own im­mune sys­tem to fight the ef­fects of colds, flu or fevers.