Acupuncture For Infertility, Menstrual Pain, And Menopausal Conditions

We spe­cial­ise in the use of Japanese acu­punc­ture as a very gentle and ef­fect­ive treat­ment for in­fer­til­ity, men­stru­al pain and dis­com­fort and men­o­paus­al con­di­tions.

These gyn­ae­co­lo­gic­al con­di­tions are unique in the sense of im­bal­ance in wo­men. Infertility in wo­men is very com­mon in the 21st Century. I cer­tainly have my the­or­ies as to why this epi­dem­ic of in­fer­til­ity has oc­curred and, in­deed, it is an epi­dem­ic.

Certainly when I was a young man, it was a very rare scen­ario to hear of someone who could not con­ceive. Now, in fact, it is com­mon­place and I am find­ing many people have to re­sort to the IVF pro­to­cols to fall preg­nant. So to my mind there is some­thing that has oc­curred over the last two dec­ades that has con­trib­uted enorm­ously to this epi­dem­ic of in­fer­til­ity – and that is what it is, res­ult­ing in a huge in­dustry grown out of noth­ing. Perhaps if you would like to come in­to my acu­punc­ture clin­ic for treat­ment, I will be able to dis­cuss with you my the­or­ies about this epi­dem­ic of in­fer­til­ity.

However, I can say to you now that the ju­di­cious use of Japanese acu­punc­ture can con­trib­ute hugely to the po­ten­tial for a wo­man to fall preg­nant. This dis­cus­sion folds over in­to men­stru­al pain dis­orders. The health of the ovar­ies, the health of the uter­us – all of this, in my ex­per­i­ence, can be bal­anced and im­proved through the use of Japanese acu­punc­ture.

The sec­ond­ary is­sue in re­la­tion to gyn­ae­co­lo­gic­al con­di­tions is men­o­pause. Problems with men­o­pause have al­ways been an is­sue but, again, this is­sue has reached epi­dem­ic pro­por­tions – the men­o­paus­al ex­treme, the hot flushes and in­som­nia. I see many wo­men ex­per­i­en­cing dis­tress when go­ing through men­o­pause.

In re­gards to men­stru­al dis­orders and pain, and the de­sire to fall preg­nant, I find that I am very em­path­et­ic. Obviously as a male, it is not an is­sue that I can re­late to as closely as a wo­man. But hav­ing seen so many wo­men in these situ­ations, I have de­veloped in­sights and un­der­stand­ing in­to how de­struct­ive this can be on the psyche of the in­di­vidu­al.

I have come to un­der­stand how, on a monthly basis, an in­di­vidu­al may have to ex­per­i­ence severe pain with men­stru­ation or, on a daily basis, ex­per­i­ence the frus­tra­tion and chal­lenge and con­stant anxi­ety around fall­ing preg­nant. Then, of course, I have gained in­sights in­to the men­stru­al situ­ation caus­ing dis­turbed sleep, stress, anxi­ety and a whole pleth­ora of dif­fer­ent is­sues.

In my clin­ic­al ex­per­i­ence, people suf­fer­ing from gyn­ae­co­lo­gic­al con­di­tions can ex­per­i­ence great be­ne­fit from the ju­di­cious ap­plic­a­tion of Japanese acu­punc­ture. It is a very gentle pro­cess with very, very little dis­com­fort in­volved, if any.

So if you have any of these gyn­ae­co­lo­gic­al con­di­tions and are con­sid­er­ing treat­ment, please come in­to my acu­punc­ture clin­ic and see me. You are more than wel­come and you can be as­sured that I will do my ab­so­lute be­st to help you get preg­nant, re­solve men­stru­al dis­com­fort and men­stru­al pain or reign in the ex­treme dis­com­fort and dis­tress re­lated to men­o­paus­al scen­ari­os.

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