New to The Australian Centre for Natural Medicine: Natural Laser Light Therapy

laser-needle treatment

What is Natural Laser Light Therapy and How Does it Work?

lightneedle-laserNatural Laser Light Therapy also known as Cold Laser Therapy is an in­nov­at­ive clin­ic­al tool that al­lows prac­ti­tion­ers to provide cos­met­ic and thera­peut­ic treat­ments to man­age, al­le­vi­ate or re­hab­il­it­ate a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent clin­ic­al con­di­tions. We are very ex­cited about the po­ten­tial be­ne­fits offered by this tech­no­logy and have in­ves­ted in the most ad­vanced laser tech­no­logy from Germany pur­chas­ing the LightNeedle and PolyDerma laser from RJLaser for the de­liv­ery of our ser­vices. Natural Laser Light Therapy de­liv­ers laser light beams or photon en­ergy to spe­cific areas of the body or skin to im­prove tis­sue re­pair, re­duce pain and in­flam­ma­tion wherever the beam is ap­plied.

So what makes Natural Laser Light Therapy different to other forms of laser?

The type of laser beam used in Natural Laser Light Therapy is re­gen­er­at­ive. The laser light used is aimed at nour­ish­ing and stim­u­lat­ing cells and tis­sue to ad­vance the nat­ur­al heal­ing pro­cesses of the body. The laser is non-thermal and there­fore is not pain­ful, doesn’t pro­duce heat and has min­im­al to no side ef­fects. Please note we do not use lasers that cut or burn skin or tis­sue.

What is Natural Laser Light Therapy used for?

Natural Laser Light has been used for many years on sports in­jur­ies, arth­rit­ic joints, neuro­path­ic pain syn­dromes, back and neck pain, wound heal­ing and der­ma­to­lo­gic­al dis­orders (skin). Laser ther­apy can also be used in the man­age­ment of bed wet­ting, addiction/Quit smoking, weight loss, post op­er­at­ive naus­ea and re­cov­ery, and dry eye. Over 400 ran­dom­ised clin­ic­al tri­als have been pub­lished on Cold Laser, half of which are on pain.

Article: Acupuncture us­ing laser needles mod­u­lates brain func­tion: first evid­ence from func­tion­al tran­s­cra­ni­al Doppler sono­graphy and func­tion­al mag­net­ic res­on­ance ima­ging

In ad­di­tion to gen­er­al and loc­al area treat­ments Natural Laser Light Therapy can be ap­plied to acu­punc­ture points de­term­ined by your in­di­vidu­al present­a­tion. Recent stud­ies on laser acu­punc­ture have in­cluded ad­vanced brain ima­ging, as well as sev­er­al oth­er mod­ern pro­to­cols for meas­ur­ing vari­ous physiolo­gic­al ef­fects to the body. These stud­ies show that laser acu­punc­ture has physiolo­gic­al ef­fects, not only loc­ally, but also in the brain, sim­il­ar to needle acu­punc­ture.

Generally a course of treat­ments is re­quired for any one con­di­tion. Your prac­ti­tion­er will dis­cuss with you the be­st ap­proach to your present­a­tion as the length and dur­a­tion of treat­ment is de­term­ined on a case by case basis.

Laser treat­ment is not only pain­less it can also be easy to fit in­to your sched­ule. Most laser treat­ments take between 15-20 minutes a ses­sion with around 6-20 treat­ments con­sti­tut­ing a course of treat­ments for a con­di­tion.

laser-therapy-treatmentSpecial Introductory Offer:

Australian Centre for Natural Medicine is of­fer­ing in­tro­duct­ory packs for the first 3 months, un­til March 31st, 2017, for new Laser cli­ents:

Introductory Assessment Pack : Naturopathic Intake Assessment and the ini­tial two Laser Treatments for a total of $260 (Usual cost of the same ser­vices is $340).

The Introductory Assessment pack in­cludes an ini­tial Naturopathic as­sess­ment and treat­ment pre­scrip­tion with Naturopath and Acupuncturist Moira Bradfield, and two laser treat­ments with either Moira Bradfield or Ellie Jansson.

If you choose Natural Laser Light Therapy with The Australian Centre for Natural Medicine you will re­ceive:

  • Thorough na­tur­o­path­ic as­sess­ment of your present­ing con­di­tion with di­et­ary, life­style, sup­ple­ment­al and laser ther­apy dur­a­tion re­com­mend­a­tions. Maximising your out­comes and op­tim­ising longterm res­ults.
  • Laser Therapy provided by trained pro­fes­sion­als who care about your health and well­being
  • All treat­ments are provided in a laser safe clin­ic­al en­vir­on­ment
  • Ongoing as­sess­ment and feed­back de­term­ines the be­st treat­ment ap­proach tailored for you and your in­di­vidu­al con­di­tion

Conditions we are cur­rently of­fer­ing Laser ther­apy for:

    • Addiction and Quit Smoking
    • Weight Loss
    • Acne and der­ma­to­lo­gic­al con­di­tions (ros­acea, scar re­duc­tion, age spots)
    • Wound Healing: ul­cers, post sur­gery wounds, ac­ci­dents
    • Pain re­lief: arth­rit­is, in­jury, re­cov­ery, re­hab­il­it­a­tion
    • Sports in­jur­ies
    • Dry eye

Please en­quire if you have a con­di­tion that is not lis­ted here. You may be eli­gible for Natural Laser Light Therapy.

Thank you for tak­ing the time to read about this ex­cit­ing ther­apy. If you think you may be a can­did­ate for this ther­apy and would like to know more please con­tact our clin­ic dir­ectly on 07 55755300 to book your ini­tial as­sess­ment pack­age today and start your jour­ney to bet­ter health.