Acupuncture For IVF Support

What I want to fo­cus on today is acu­punc­ture for IVF sup­port. You would be aware that In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) has be­come far more com­mon­place in the last dec­ade or two as a way of help­ing a wo­man to con­ceive.

Acupuncture plays a very im­port­ant role, I be­lieve, in sup­port­ing IVF treat­ment. It con­sti­tu­tion­ally as­sists the un­der­ly­ing im­bal­ance that con­trib­utes to the in­ab­il­ity of a wo­man to con­ceive nat­ur­ally. It also sup­ple­ments the gen­er­al well­being of the pa­tient whil­st they are un­der­go­ing what can be a very dis­or­i­ent­at­ing, and some­times, in­vas­ive treat­ment – that be­ing the IVF not the acu­punc­ture.

Acupuncture it­self is ex­tremely gentle. I’ve looked af­ter many, many pa­tients un­der­go­ing IVF treat­ment. I think, without ex­cep­tion, they have all been very com­fort­able and very happy with the treat­ment.

Japanese Acupuncture

In many, many cases where I have used acu­punc­ture to provide sup­port for IVF treat­ment, the out­come has been pos­it­ive with the wo­man con­ceiv­ing. Why is this so? Acupuncture is quite bril­liant at help­ing a per­son to re­lax.

I found acu­punc­ture to be ex­tremely ef­fect­ive when a wo­man un­der­goes the course of treat­ments that make up IVF, es­pe­cially in the ini­tial stages as well as in the pre-transfer and post-transfer stages.

I can as­sure you that acu­punc­ture for IVF treat­ment is very gentle and very sup­port­ive of a pos­it­ive out­come.

So if you want a proven acu­punc­ture pro­cess to sup­port your IVF treat­ment, don’t hes­it­ate to call our acu­punc­ture clin­ic.

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